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How to void a check?

There are chances that you may have to void a check, and this usually is done when one has to go for some automatic bill payment or while setting up investments from the bank account. The information regarding the bank details may appear on those checks, and if voided checks have asked, then those who asked for the voided check can use the details on the checks to make an electronic link to your account. For this, it is a must that you have to know how to void a check.

The process to Void a Check

Fortunately, the process of making a check void is really easy. By writing, the word “VOID” across the check will make a particular check void. Write the word “VOID” in a big size and covering the check, but details at the bottom side of the checks should not be covered. The details at the bottom should reveal because these details are needed to link with your bank account. The banking experts say that the word “VOID” should write with a pen, or a sharp-tipped marker to erase “VOID” will not be possible.
This process prevents the checks from any further misuse, and even a third person is getting the check, it will be impossible for him to make some fraud activities.

How to void a check

Records regarding void checks should keep

It is a must that the details regarding the checks should keep getting a candid idea of which checks went where. It is also appreciated to write a check voided against it, the purpose of checks is given with the date.

What after voiding the check

The next step after voiding the check is to send the check for the image of the check. Whenever you are sending the check, endorse it is a secured file vault before sending it to make it safer from other transactions.

How to void a check

More to add

Never use a pencil to write “VOID” to void a check as there is a possibility that a third party can erase the writing, and the check can be misused. Try to write “VOID,” restricting all the possibilities to edit the payee name, the amount in words, and the signature line.

How to void a check
How to void a check

While voiding a check for a direct deposit, there is no need to sign the name on the signature line. There is no need to ask the void check back as there is no chance that some can utilize the checks. A “VOID” check is different from a canceled check as a canceled check so the one that any banking institutions have processed for cash or a deposit. Bank will not accept any voided checks.

Banks specially treat voided checks. If a voided check writes in the previous month, from the list of outstanding checks, the voided check should be removed and then have to make a journal entry to debit cash and credit the account.

How to void a check

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