Check Routing Number

A check routing number is a nine-digit number, to identify the financial institutions. There are three sets of numbers at the bottom of the check, the sets of numbers with nine digits are the check routing number. The second sets are Check Account Number.

Most of the banks will have only one routing number. Some major bank which operates in multiple regions might have more than one check routing number.

Significant banks may have more than one routing number. It is dependent upon things like the location of the account or for any other critical mission of the routing number is utilized. However, it signifies that no two banks will ever have the equivalent routing number. When you create a check or write a check, the sets with nine digits at the bottom of the checks are the routing number for that financial institution.

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Check Routing Number

If you ever send or received cash through a check, probably the word check routing number will be familiar to you. It is an inevitable part of any checks. A routing number is also called ABA number or routing transit number.
Check routing number assists bank staff and the machines that presently procedure checks to know precisely where cash should go.
By using check routing number, checks anticipated for Bank of America and American Bank never go to the wrong spot by mistake.

What is it for?

A nine-digit check routing number is a must, to send and receive funds from other budgetary foundations. Check Routing Number will be a unique number allotted to a bank, credit associations, or any financial institutions. The main aim of the check routing number is that it helps to identify where the record of a transaction was open.

You can create and print your check online using onlinecheckwriter.Com on-demand on any printer. When you do the design of your checks, check routing number and check account number are in a fixed position according to the American Bankers Association (ABA) on the check template.

How Can I find Routing Number of a Bank?

There are several ways you can find the routing number of a bank.
1- Find it at the bottom of the check

There are three sets of numbers at the bottom of the check. The second sets of the number are the routing number or bank routing number. The routing number always consists of 9 digits.

2- Find it from online banking

You can always get the bank routing number once you log in to their site.

3- Call the bank

You can call the bank and get the routing number of that specific bank.

4- Find it on the bank’s website

Most of the banks list their routing number on their website.

Chase Bank of America Wells Fargo Citibank US Bank PNC Bank TD Bank Capital One

5- Find it on the website of the American Bankers Association

American Bankers Association is the one assigned the routing number to the banks. You can quickly lookup a routing number on the ABA website.

Additional information about check routing number

A Check routing number identifies the specific bank.

A bank account number identifies the specific account in that bank

A Bank may have multiple routing numbers depends upon the regions.

A routing number always consists of nine digits.

Did You Know…

JPMorgan Chase Bank is the largest bank of the United States, with more than 2 trillion assets worldwide.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many routing numbers each Bank have?

Most of the banks have only one routing number. Some major banks have more than one routing number when they operate in multiple regions.

How many numbers are there in a routing number?

There are 9 digit numbers in a check routing number. It is always the second set of numbers under the check out of three sets of numbers there.

What is the use of routing number?

Routing numbers specifically used to identify a financial institution. It is like an area code of your phone number. One bank will have one routing number and several bank account number in it. Some major banks may have more than one routing number if they are operating in different regions of the country.

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