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Check Writing Machine a Waste of Space and Money

Nov 25, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Do you have a check writing machine that eats your money and space? In business saving, every penny will increase your profit. – Powered by Zil Money  is one such platform, and our main priority is to make your business easy for you by allowing you to access check designing, writing, printing, and financial management tool. Print checks using standard printers on blank stock papers. This will saves you 80% of the cost of printing checks. A check writing machine is a limited tool for check printing, which is relatively more expensive than a regular printer. So, why waste investing in this machine when you have a better alternative?

What is a check writing machine?

A check writer, which is also called a “ribbon writer,” “check signer,” “check protector,” or “check embosser,” is a physical tool that keeps the amount or signature that authorizes payment from being changed without permission.

 Businesses usually use the machine to write large numbers of checks quickly and efficiently.

 Machines are not required to write a check anymore with the introduction of online check printing platform, you can design, write, and print your desired check instantly on-demand. for Getting Your Checks

A check-writing machine can be a great investment for a business in the olden days, but it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits before making a purchase. In today’s world, check printing software like allows writing, designing and printing checks on-demand. This method is a more cost-effective solution while still providing better and more features and security you need. The software allows you to instantly print checks on demand, using any regular printer from the comfort of your home or office. Prevent fraud checks from getting into your account with the bank reconciliation statement. So stop using a check writing machine instead, use our platform, the best check printing and finance software available in the market.

Security and customization are critical for both business and personal checks. You want your checks to be distinctive to you or your company, but you also want to ensure they are secure from fraud. provides check designer and check printing services to fulfill your requirements.

    Check writing Machine or Check Writing Platform: Which is better?

    There are key differences between check writing machines and check writing platforms. Check-writing machines are physical devices. On the other hand, check writing platforms are digital tools that allow businesses to manage their check-writing processes online.

    Here are a few key advantages of using a check-writing platform over a check-writing machine:

    1. Increased flexibility:With a check-writing platform, you can generate and send checks from anywhere with an internet connection. This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations or remote employees.
    2. More control:Check-writing platforms give you more control over the entire process, from creating templates to sending payments. You can also keep track of expenses and view complete histories of all transactions.
    3. Better security:Check-writing platforms typically offer better security than check-writing machines. For example, many platforms provide fraud protection and allow you to set up dual-factor authentication for extra security.
    4. Save space:Check printing platform will not take up any space, even on your computer. Everything is stored in a cloud platform, but the check writing machine will take up space in your office or home.

    Maintenance: You must maintain a check-writing machine, which is different from the check printing platform, as the check-printing platform has almost zero maintenance.

      Integration makes a better user-friendly Experience

      Integration with over 22000 banks and financial organizations lets you link bank accounts and check formats. Thus, it may reconcile bank statements on a single platform and prevent fraudulent or illegal checks from being put into your account. QuickBooks and other accounting software integration let you import checks and print or send eChecks.

        Pre-Printed Checks vs Blank Check Stock 

        Pre-printed checks have your banking information printed on them, so if someone takes your checkbook, they will be able to see your account data and routing number. Unlike pre-printed checks, blank check stock does not include any financial information, making it more secure for transactions. allows you to print checks on blank check stock instantaneously on demand.

        Check-writing machines are a waste of space and money, and With the emergence of online check-printing platforms, specific machines related to checks are no longer needed to write, print, or design checks. You can use our platform to generate, print, and send checks from anywhere with an internet connection. Check writing platforms allow you more control over the entire process, from template creation to payment distribution. You can also keep track of your expenses and check your full transaction history. So, why wait to open an account on and see improvement in business finance?

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