Checks in the mail

Save time signing, stuffing and sending

You create checks online, and your

Checks in the mail within an hour

Create checks in a second and click Mail, your checks in the mail to your payee address given by USPS on the same Business Day

We print it, Stuff it, Seal it and Post-it by USPS by 4:00 PM CST

When you include the soft costs of employee time, it estimates that each check can cost a business up to $7.78 to create, stuff, mail, and track each check payment. Our mail Service gives you long-term benefits

You Create, We Print and Checks are in the mail right away

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We mail your own checks

with your design and logo

We mail the very same check you created with your own logo. It will give you a full white label look. We don’t alter anything from the checks template you made.

Checks in the mail free?

Yes, it is. You pay Cost of the stamp, Check paper and Envelopes. Cost you around $.75 

Frequently Asked Questions

How checks in the mail works?

After you create a check (single or multiples) click “Mail” instead of print. This check immediately sent to our printer queue to print it. You will see the status pending on your checklist. Once printed and created Postage label, Postman will pick it up by 4 p.m. at Central Standard Time. Then you’ll see the status made and you will receive are automated email also. Very Simple. You pay as you go. You can bulk upload Excel sheet if you have so many checks to mail. You can create a group and make multiple checks for ongoing payees time to time to mail. You may use our API to integrate your website to create a mail check. Every possible scenario available according to your convenient.

Where would be my checks mailed from?

Most of the checks are mailed from our corporate office in Texas.

How long does it take my payee to get a check?

According to USPS if you are using first class mail service it normally takes 1-7 business days depending on the area. We have other options also available.

Can I pay my utility bills using this checks in the mail service?
Yes. Using OnlineCheckWriter checks in the mail option you can pay your property tax, bill, electricity bill- Just for .75 Cents.
Do you support API to implement in our website?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for API token to directly mail checks from your own platform

what are the case scenarios and who all can use this service?

There thousand of case scenarios.
We can process your rebate and refund checks
We can be your Check print Vendor
Govet Entities uses for Tax checks Refunds to citizens
Pay your bills as a check
Refunds checks of insurance companies
Anyone can send a check within seconds. We handle your one checks to 1000’s per day

Check Printing Software

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Mail Checks using Postal Service

  • Make Checks from anywhere
  • We Print it and Mail It on the Same Business day via USPS for Free
  • You Pay Cost of the check paper
  • Save time Signing, Stuffing and Sending

Accept Payments Via

Cash Expenses Log

  • No-Addon plugin
  • Crafted Specifically keeping Small business in Mind
  • One Place to Log it all
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Hosted on Cloud

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