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How To Explain The Parts Of The Check?

Sep 16, 2020 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

It is a truth that you need to write checks with care and focus. There should be no mistakes involved, as any mistake incurred may make your money a lot. The check-writing and printing software help users print checks without any errors as it can edit on the screen. The designing feature that checks writing and printing software carry makes the checks amazing.

In this scenario, it is very important to understand all the factors mentioned in a check if you issue or check it quite frequently. Only one should feel and dominant while dealing with the checks; either he is receiving the checks or depositing the checks. In addition to that, the checks contain information that is very vital to understand to excel in the field of check issuing and depositing. Hence it is very important to understand the parts of a check.

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What about the personal information on checks

What about the personal information on checks?

The personal information indicates all the data regarding the person who is depositing the check. If we look at the upper left corner of a check, the section includes the name, address, and phone number of the person issuing the check. In the case of a pre-printed check, all the personal information, including name, and other details will be there by default as it can save for the checks. Regarding the privacy of the customer, as everybody will be worried about, the information displayed can be restricted to a certain extent. It can encrypt a post office box in the place of the home address. It will prevent people from misusing personal information up to an extends.

What is a payee line on a check

What is a payee line on a check?

On a payee line, the name of the payee mentioned will help identify to whom the payment should make. On the payee line, write the name of the person or name of the organization to whom the payment made. It is the role of the payee to deposit the check, cash the check. Another option available is that the payee can even endorse the same check to someone else. It is advisable to write the formal name of the payee instead of writing nicknames and all. It will help the banking and other financial institutes to avoid hassles during the time of check cashing.

Another option is to write ‘cash’ at the place of the payee’s name. The check account owner uses this option if he is not sure about the payee’s name. There is a risk involved in this as anybody can cash this check without many struggles as the name of the city employees not mentioned clearly.

What details filled in the dollar boxWhat details filled in the dollar box

What details filled in the dollar box?

The dollar box is the space where the amount of the check mentioned. Inside the box, the amount is written as numbers( digits) and not in words. Experts from the banking sector say that it is better to write the amount to the left side inside the box as much as possible and try to put decimals and “00” after the dollar entered. It ceases the possibility to enter the further amount by a third person and blocks any possibility to withdraw a huge amount than written on the check. The same amount should write in words in the column provided adjacent to the dollar box. The digits inside the dollar box should be the same as that of the number in words if there is a mismatch, the number written in words given more preference than in the dollar box.

What is a memo line

What is a memo line?

The memo line is very much related to the accounting part of the payer and the payee. It is quite obvious that the checks provided for a reason. The reason for issuing the checks is written on the memo line, as this gives an idea for the account holder regards the purpose for which the check issued. After so many days or months, even years, if one takes a copy of the check, the memo line will give an idea regarding the purpose of checks.

What should all things include in the dateline

What should all things include in the dateline?

The date of issue and the date of check clearance are very important during the processing of a check. The account holder or the person who issues the check can put the current date or can encrypt a future date to delay the transaction. However, if the user-id is putting a delayed date, he should inform the same to the bank and the payee. If it not notified to the bank, banks usually do not carry any type of obligation regarding the same as it is not a good practice to put future dates on checks rather than current dates.

In case the person issues the bank regarding the post date put on the check, please keep in mind that the notification is valid only for six months. The notification should be in written form rather than in verbal form. Banks usually do not appreciate a notification given in the verbal form. Even if they accept, the notification will only be valid for two weeks or a maximum of 15 days.

What is the specialty of the signature lWhat is the specialty of the signature lineine

What is the specialty of the signature line?

The signature line carries the signature of the authorized person, in general, the account holder. The electronic signature can be encrypted, which will make the job easy. Check writing and printing companies help their customers put an electronic signature, and this is very difficult to tamper and replicate. Before signing, the account holder should verify all the details on the check once the signature did. It will authorize from the side of the account owner regarding the issuance of funds to the payee. If the letters ‘MP’ is written next to the signature line, you can make sure that the check includes the security factor known as Micro Printer. With the help of – Powered by Zil Money you can create, print and send checks easily.

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