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Oct 27, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Writing a check is rarely necessary due to the development of peer-to-peer payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and others.

However, checks are still in use today. The Federal Reserve estimates that roughly 18 billion checks were used in 2015. Do you like to follow the old-fashioned way or lack trust in the digital world? You may own a small company that conducts many businesses using checks. In any case, you might be wondering how to get checks without spending more money. You don’t need to follow the old-fashioned way of getting checks; there is the latest efficient way. You might be confused with the above sentence, meaning you are following the older methods of getting checks, that is buy checks online. Printing checks is more efficient than ordering checks, and – Powered by Zil Money is one of the market’s best available check printing platforms.

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Order or Print Checks, Which is more efficient?

This will completely depend on individuals; let us look which is more efficient.

Ordering checks is a more time-consuming and expensive process, you have to wait days for your ordered checks to come in, and if you run out of checks, you need to order again. If you order pre-printed checks in large quantities, you need to keep the checks in a secure location, or if the check falls into the wrong hand can lead to disasters.

Ordering checks are an expensive process, printing them will help you save money which can be invested in your business’s future. Money is an important aspect of everyday life, so we need to save money where ever we can. Ordering checks is a complete waste of money when you can get checks efficiently by printing them online.

Printing checks allow you to get checks instantly. You can customize your check or make them from scratch and print them instantly, and if you are looking for a platform to customize and print checks, then is one of the best check printing software available in the market. With the drag-and-drop design tool from, you can design or customize check according to your preference.

What Information Do You Need on Your Checks?

It’s critical that your checks have the appropriate information. There are a few crucial details you need to make sure are printed and legible on the check for banks to understand how to process and pay out a check:

  • Bank routing number: The bank from which the funds are being pulled is indicated by this nine-digit code.
  • Account number: Your account number, which identifies the individual account from which the funds are being drawn, must also appear on checks.
  • Check number: Every personal check must include a distinctive three- or four-digit number in the top right corner to help you recognize it.
  • Personal information:On checks, the top left corner should be printed with your name and, typically, your address. Your phone number might occasionally be included.
  • Bank contact info: Frequently, your contact information will be printed below the location and phone number of your bank.

Check Stock Paper

Most printers and check printing software work with check stock paper. It offers additional security features, including microprinting, security alerts, and watermarks, and is designed specifically for printing checks. For easier cutting, some check stock also has pre-perforations. Use to print checks on check stock or regular paper.

Check stock paper is available from office supply stores and internet merchants; it costs more than standard paper because of the security features, but the added peace of mind they provide may be worth the extra cost.

Buy checks online is not an ideal way to get checks, ordering checks will cost you money and time. Instead, start printing checks online without wasting your time and money. Printing your checks will give you all the freedom you want, you can customize the check however you want. So, stop buying checks online; instead, start printing checks using to see how this will change your business finance.

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