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Send a Check in the Mail: Managing Your Finances More Effectively

Mar 22, 2024 | Check Mailing powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

In a time when digital transactions are routine, to send a check in the mail is often considered as outdated. However, a lot of companies, both domestically and abroad, still rely heavily on this conventional approach for their financial management. Even with the increasing popularity of internet payments, there are still situations in which mailing a check is required or preferable. The check printing software allows you to create and send a check in the mail from home or the office at low cost, including postage. 

Convenient Check Mailing – Powered by Zil Money, simplifies the process of sending checks via mail, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses. Users can easily create and print their checks, and they will be processed by mail the same business day. The platform takes care of everything, including mailing and printing, to give businesses a hassle-free experience. 

Affordability and Dependability – Powered by Zil Money, offers more affordable check-mailing services compared to traditional methods. For a very low cost, users can have their checks printed on high-quality paper and delivered via reliable USPS/FedEx services. With this affordable option, you can get rid of the extra costs of printing, mailing, and monitoring that come with using regular mail services. 

Customizable Checks

Customizing checks to the user’s specifications is one of – Powered by Zil Money’s most notable features. Companies can easily customize their checks to reflect their identity by adding their logo and selecting font styles. It saves you time and money by 80% compared to buying pre-printed checks.  

Comprehensive Banking Features – Powered by Zil Money offers a wide range of banking features to make business transactions secure and flexible. From finance management to expense tracking and check creation, the platform provides an all-in-one solution for businesses. Users can set up recurring payments, securely send and receive eChecks, and conveniently deposit checks.  

In conclusion, – Powered by Zil Money, is transforming the way individuals and businesses manage their finances. With its comprehensive features and cost-effective solutions, businesses can enjoy greater efficiency and convenience when sending checks by mail

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