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Fax Checks

Do you know the fact that the safest and secure form of payment is to accept checks by fax or fax checks? Fax checks give an exact picture of checks. It considers the most acceptable and instant method of payment. This method of faxing checks for any payment provides a clear idea regarding the banking requirements such as bank account number and the routing number. It also shows the check number for further reference.

Onlinecheckwriter helps you to accept fax checks. Onlinecheckwriter has the pre-made form to have your customer fax it to you or utilize your form or link for a one-time payment, month to month repeating payment and open approval for the variable amount.

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Accuracy is one factor provided by fax checks. It also shows the proof of authorization for the merchants. Immediate payments are possible by fax checks and are much faster than mailing checks. The recipient does not have to wait for the delivery of mail and further opening it.

The process involved

While dealing with fax checks, one has to ensure that the number to which you are sending fax checks is correct. You also have to know regarding the policies and guidelines or formatting regarding the fax’s receipt.

Before sending fax checks, make sure that the business house or the person at the receiving end possesses all the facilities to receive the checks. Mere sending of the checks through fax will not work here. Onlinecheckwriter will help you to receive fax checks without any hassles. Hence before sending fax checks, make sure regarding the recipient’s position.

Instructions to get organized to Fax a Check

There are some easy rules that one has to follow regarding the sending of checks using a fax. Keeping that in mind, the following points help you to send fax checks without any faults. 

  • It will be better to attach a cover letter before you send a check. The covering letter should include the amount involved and the purpose of the check. 
  • The check’s memo line can noted “faxed check” so that it will be helpful for accounting purposes. 
  • Rather than trying to pasting the check itself on the fax machine, it is better to take a photocopy of the check and send the copy. 
  • Make sure that all the details on the checks are readable for the receiver to avoid any confusion.
  • After sending the fax, please confirm that the receiver has received fax checks to process it. 

Fax checks alternatives

There are many instances in which the United States were checks fax to the building owner to pay the rent. The tenant does it every month, and it is a tedious process. Instead of using an onlinecheckwriter, the tenant can make recurring payments using check templates, and the entire process will be easy. Even though faxing checks is easy, sending checks by onlinecheckwriter is easier.

Print Checks At Home

Accepting faxed checks

Think from the receiving end regarding the receipt of fax checks. Onlinecheckwriter will help you for this purpose. Our check is faxing feature assists in getting associated with other aspects of your business. One major factor is that onlinecheckwriter integrated with Quick-books. We help you to make arrangements for recurring deposits.

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