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Where Is The Account Number On Your Check?

Nov 9, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Ordering pre-printed checks is unsafe; they have all your bank information like routing number, account number, check number, and other information printed on them. If you are doing business, you must order a large quantity of pre-printed checks, thus wasting your money. Storing them securely is another challenge you must face, so overall, ordering checks is not as efficient, safe, and ideal as you have imagined it would be, but printing your checks on blank stock paper and getting them instantly on demand without wasting any of your time or money is more efficient. Print the account number on your check using our platform, – Powered by Zil Money, which is ideal for you and your business. The account number is an important piece of information if it falls into the wrong hand, it will be problematic. Keep reading to know more about the account number, routing number, check number, and where the account number on a check is situated.

Check Account Number Definition

When you make a payment, the bank will use the account number to identify which accounts to deduct funds from. If you have many accounts with the same bank, they will all have the same routing number but separate account numbers.

Check Routing Number Definition

Banks use nine-digit routing numbers to identify their financial institution. Another set of numbers that instructs the bank where to transmit the money is the routing number. This number demonstrates that the bank has a Federal Reserve account and is either federally or state-chartered.

Check Number Definition

You keep track of each check you write using a check number. Check numbers are typically three to four digits long, making them the shortest of the bunch. Unlike routing and account numbers, check numbers don’t significantly aid in the electronic transmission of money.

Where Can I Find a Check’s Routing, Account, and Check Numbers?

The routing, account, and check numbers are located at the bottom left corner of a check. The routing number, which typically has nine digits, is the first set of numbers on the left, followed by the account number, which typically has eight to 12 digits, and the check number, which is the last set of digits on the right (usually consisting of three or four digits). Please be aware, though, that depending on the bank, this order might change.

What to Do If You Don’t Have a Check and Need to Find the Routing and Account Numbers?

Your routing and account numbers can be found online as well. Access your online banking system via a web browser or a mobile app to achieve this. You ought to be able to see your account and routing numbers in the account details section of the main dashboard. The routing number for your bank is public information, so if you can’t find it, you can also get it on the homepage of your bank’s website or by using a search engine. Make sure, though, that you are looking up the bank’s routing number in the appropriate jurisdiction.

If you are unable to get your bank’s routing number online, you may need to visit them in person or call them. They ought to be able to help you locate your account details. For the bank to verify that you are the account owner, they may ask you to provide them with specific personal information. Your driver’s license or social security number may be included in this.

Is it Okay to Disclose Your Routing or Account Number?

The routing number is not private. It is frequently published on bank websites, so users can access it when needed. Even if someone had your routing number, they would be powerless to use it for anything.

Telling someone your routing number is like revealing your home state. With that inaccurate information, they can’t find you, thus, it is safe. Your account number is private, however, your account is identified by this number. This number can be used to access your account and transfer funds. So be sure to keep it safe and secure so that nobody else can use it.

Where is the account number on a check? The account, routing, and check numbers are located in the bottom left corner of a check. Print your check number, routing number, and other information on blank stock paper instantly on-demand using and secure your banking details using our platform.

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