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Are Check Printers No Longer Required?

Jun 8, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

In these days of technology, consumers are constantly competing with each other to make the best of whatever discovery they find. Consumers will no longer have to use a physical check printer in check printing because – Powered by Zil Money allows you to print checks on blank check stock or plain white paper using any printer.

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The Check 21 Act

The Check Act, also known as the Check 21 Act, is a law enacted in 2003 and came into effect in 2004 to reduce the amount of check fraud.

The Act requires banks and other financial institutions to stop printing checks and instead use electronic transactions. This change is expected to reduce the amount of check fraud by 50%.

Check fraud is a problem that affects businesses and consumers around the world. It is a crime that involves stealing money by falsifying bank checks.

The Check Act is a step in the right direction to reduce the amount of check fraud. By switching to electronic transactions, businesses will be less likely to fall victim to this crime.

Benefits of the Check 21 Act

With the Check 21 Act, businesses no longer have to use check printers to process checks. This is a significant benefit because check printers can be expensive and time-consuming.

The Act also eliminates the need to keep check processing records. This means that businesses no longer waste time and money trying to reconstruct transactions from old check processing records.

Finally, the Check Act makes it easier for businesses to comply with federal financial reporting requirements. By using check printing software, businesses can quickly generate accurate financial reports.

How Check Printers Are Being Replaced

As the world moves towards more electronic transactions, check printers are being replaced by regular printers. Thanks to Check 21 Act, now Online Check Writer enables you to print checks on blank check stock or plain white paper using any printer. This eliminates the need for customers to use a check printer.

Alternatives to Check Printers

When most people think of printing a check, they use a check printer. While this is an option, there are other choices available to you.

Why waste time and money on check printers when you can use your computer’s printer? It takes a few clicks with Online Check Writer’s easy-to-use software to turn any document into an attractive check. Our radical technology even allows for customization, giving every user precisely what they need, whether their needs be big or small.

The innovative cloud-based technology also enables clients to store the checks securely. In this way, you can avoid fraudulent transactions and other financial losses due to theft or damage of paper documents. Incorporating 22000+ banks in the US is an excellent way for people who need their accounts safeguarded from fraud.

You can save 80% on check printing by using a regular printer. All you need is some blank check stock or plain white paper from an office supply store that will allow you to print high-quality checks at home or in your workplace without having the expense of buying specially designed machines required for this task!

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