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Create eChecks

As the modern business world is looking for the fastest and reliable banking transactions, a shift towards e-checks has been witnessed in the past few decades. The demand to create e-checks is on the rise, and OnlineCheckWriter helps the user to create e-checks using the most dependable methods. The payments done through an e-check are much faster and less energy-consuming than a payment made using paper checks.

How OnlineCheckWriter helps to create eChecks?

There are two options by which you create and send electronic checks for the payees. As the first step, check the customer can use templates provided by OnlineCheckWriter for creating checks. Another option is to design the checks innovatively by inscribing the business logo and business name on it. All the banking details and memo also on with the name of the payee, amount, and the reason for the payments are typed in. Thus the check is created and is ready for the payments. These checks are also called errorless checks, as it is possible to edit them. The edited checks are selected on a mail, and it is sent to the receiver through email. The receiver gets the mail, and he can download and take a print of the checks on a paper and be cashed immediately.

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Another method is that a onetime printable check is made as PDF, and the link of the PDF is shared to the receiver on the mail or a smartphone. This check can be downloaded, and the print is taken once. If the receiver has to take the print again, he has to inform the account owner regarding this. It enhances the security nature of the e-check. Thus OnlineCheckWriter helps to create e-checks reliably and swiftly.

Why creating e-checks are economic?

There is no transaction cost involved with e-checks. The checks are taken a print and submitted at the banks, and if the checks after receipt are taken prints on blank check papers, the check paper’s price will also be very less. In short, the concept of e-checks created by OnlineCheckWriter is cheap compared to any other way of payments. The template of the created check can be saved to be used again and again for recurring payments.

How to take print of email
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OnlineCheckWriter assists the customer to print checks as the payee has many options to print checks. To make the entire process economic and easy blank check papers can be used instead of pre-printed checks. Pre-printed checks are easily available and can be bought from any shops or supermarkets, unlike pre-printed checks. More than that, the experts opined that more than 80% of the total cost could be saved by using email checks combined with blank check papers compared to pre-printed checks. The security offered by pre-printed checks is also a concern as they reveal banking details, which do not happen in blank checks.

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