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How to Write a Check Easily Without Making Any Mistakes

Dec 1, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Technology has changed how people worldwide bank, but some old methods and tools are still used. Writing a check, for example, is still an acceptable means of payment in the USA. Knowing how to write a check properly is a crucial skill. If you fill out a check incorrectly, you may end yourself with a defaulted payment or a bounced check. Keep reading to learn how to write a check

The Main Important Part of a Check


  • Bank routing number. A routing number is an identification number assigned to each bank. This is always a nine-digit number. (For example, you will need to find this number if you need to do online banking transactions.)



  • Check number. Each paper check is numbered, and the number appears in both the upper right corner and after the account number, as illustrated above.

How to Write a Check?

How to write a check is a common question everyone has in their mind:

  • Write the date in the upper-right corner of the check.

Fill out the date in the upper right-hand corner of the check. The date is critical since banks are only obligated to accept checks for up to six months. In the United States, these specifics are governed by a set of legislation known as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

  • Include the payee’s name.

“Pay to the order of” will be written on the first line of the check. This is the payee line, where you should write the name of the person or business that will cash the check.

For the money to go into the person’s bank or credit union account, their name must be on the check. Make sure you write their full name, not a nickname, and that it is clear so that the person receiving the money can deposit it.

  • Fill in the amount of the check in numerals.

Then, on the right side of the check, you’ll notice a small box. Use standard numerals to write the total payment amount in this space. Some checks have a $ sign, while others don’t. If not, there’s no need to put one in.

  • Write the numerical amount in letters.

Just below the line for the payee is a blank line with the word “dollars” on it. Write the check’s dollar amount in words on this line.

    • Why do you need to write the check’s amount twice? 

    In short, it’s to ensure the check is filled out correctly. If the numbers in the amount box don’t match the amount written in letters, the person who is supposed to get the check won’t be able to cash it.

    • Sign the check.

    There is a blank line in the bottom right corner of the check. This is where the check is signed. A check can’t be cashed without a valid signature on the back, so make sure it’s clear and easy to read.

    • Jot down notes in the memo section.

    If the payee doesn’t ask you to fill out the memo line at the bottom left of the check, you don’t have to.

    A memo can help the person receiving the money keep track of payments, and it can also help you keep track of things.

    • Keep track of your checks.

    If you don’t have another way to keep track of your expenses, you should write down every check you write in your check register. You can write down what each check is for in the record at the back of your checkbook.

      How to Write a Check Using

      You can write checks online with relatively little effort by using – Powered by Zil Money. Sign in to Online, navigate to the Payables section, select Checks, click the +New button, enter all relevant details, including the bank account and the amount, and then click the print button. You can use any printer to produce the checks and print them on blank check stock or on regular white paper. Can Help You Create Your Desired Check

        Design and create checks with your company’s logo and name on them. To make a check, you must enter all your financial information, like the account and routing numbers. Instead of printing checks, you can also send checks to the payee via mail. A printed Check can be taken by the receiver and cashed accordingly.

        Although knowing how to write a check is necessary, paying money online is generally faster and easier. If you don’t know how to write checks or fear making any mistakes, then our platform is the best option for you. Write, design, and print checks instantly on demand. So, why wait to start using and see how this will let you overcome your fear of making mistakes?

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