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Do you know? You can have Checks Book online and print checks on demand

Print your own checks at home or office on Blank Check paper. No more waiting for checks book order to come or re-order checkbook.

Online Check Writer is more than a check printing software. Prevent unauthorized checks, integrate with QuickBooks, integrate with any banks, and print checks online on-demand. Keep checkbook register online. You save up to 80% and don’t need a physical checkbook wallet.

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There are 3 Ways to distribute checks

(all option can be set for recurring payments)

Option 1. Create online and print yourself on any printer and distribute- you should have Check paper

Option 2. Create, and email check to the payee. Let them print on check paper and deposit.

For security- they can print only one time and you able to see all status, viewed, printed and all. They can print on white paper also if depositing by mobile devices.

Option 3. You can also, create & opt for the option of MAIL IT instead of printing yourself or email.

These particular checks will be printed in our facility with the label within one hour, and we physically mail that check by USPS to the payee address on the same business day.

Moreover, you pay only for Check paper, Stamp, label, stuff, seal and we make sure in the post office the same day. All for $1.00. Very easy, convenient and cheap moreover it is sure- in the post office on time.

There is 4 Way to get paid by checks

( all option can be set for recurring payments)

Option 1. Send an email request, once they approve you will be able to print that check one time, which has their signature on it and deposits to your bank.

It is free, set recurring and get paid monthly- Rent/Service fee/ 501c Donations with no transaction fee and gateway fee. Manage all with an intelligent report

Option 2. Anyone can email you check, Print yourself and deposit.

Option 3. Check Draft/bank Draft– You get their consent to create a check on their behalf over the phone/fax/web/link. Then get their routing number and bank account info. Enter info into software and print check draft-which NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED, deposit to your bank as regular checks. Set for one time or recurring.

To enable this feature, additional approval needed from

Option 4. Send SMS/Text request to their phone. Once they approve, you can print and Deposit. Like Email checks.

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