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ePayment helps avoid late payment risks and penalty charges. Opt for credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, or checks to facilitate swift, secure, and punctual transactions. In addition, cutting-edge encryption technology safeguards your confidential financial data, ensuring its protection during online payments. powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.



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Online Bill Payment

Efficiently and securely pay bills online using, offering a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, and checks for hassle-free and protected transactions. Benefit from minimal transaction fees across all services and make credit card payments without incurring payee charges. Establish recurring payments to prevent missing any deadlines. employs advanced encryption technologies to ensure the safety of your personal and financial data. In addition, the intuitive interface allows for easy ePayment management in one location, ultimately saving time and money.

Online Bill Payment

Our Features AP/AR - Powered by Zil Money offers a wide range of payment features to make your business transactions secure and flexible. Now you can pay and receive payments with the easy-to-use software and dive into the journey.

Check Printing

Create and print business checks at your office desk with a drag and drop design.


Pay or get paid one-time or recurring ACH/RTP with low transaction fees.


Integrate with the top third-party applications.

Pay Bill

Pay Bills Online, Schedule them, Manage suppliers, and reduce risk.

Payments by Credit Card

Now pay by credit card even if they don't accept them.

Wire Transfer

Transfer money electronically from one financial institution to other.

Deposit Slips

Instantly create & print the deposit slip of any Bank. Keep track & auto reconcile it.


Create invoice to your customer and send link through email.

Cloud Bank

Open an online checking account with no hidden charges.

Email Check

Send your checks as a one-time printable pdf with a tracking facility.

Payment Link

Create an HTML form or link to receive payments.


Give access to accountant or clients with a role based user and approval process.

Check Mailing

Check mailing without leaving your desk. We print and mail it by USPS/FedEx.

Digital Checks

Digitize your paper checks and make your payments via email or text.

Bank Data

Connect & reconcile, Categorize from Any Financial Institution automatically.

API/White Label

Interactive developer-friendly API. Complete white label solution.

Mobile Banking App

Mobile Banking App

The mobile app allows users to handle their finances with ease. Download and install the app on iOS or Android for an optimal financial management experience. Access bank account balances, review transaction records, transfer funds, remotely deposit checks, and make bill payments. Manage your finances anytime, anywhere. Equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, the app ensures the safety of your sensitive data. With round-the-clock customer support, assistance is always available to address any questions or concerns, delivering top-notch service at all times.







An Array of Payment Options multifaceted platform lets you diversify your payment methods. You can seamlessly make internal transfers, wire transfers, checks, or even send gift cards to your clients. You can pick the most suitable method for the transaction at hand. By offering a wide range of payment solutions, is continuously working towards transforming the payment experience for businesses, making it more adaptable to their ever-evolving needs.

An Array of Payment Options

Easy To Access

Instant access to your account anywhere, anytime.

High Security

Secured with Encryption, Fraud Detection, and Infrastructure.

Easy Payment

Efficiently transfer funds to where they're needed.

Manage Payments and Expenses

Manage Payments and Expenses

Simplify your accounting processes with’s robust features. Whether you’re looking to track expenses, categorize your spending, or optimize your business’s cash flow, intuitive platform covers you. It makes the payment process a breeze and provides comprehensive expense management tools to help you keep an eye on where your money is going. You can easily identify areas where you can cut costs and increase your savings while having a clear overview of your financial health.


What is online bill payment?

Online bill payment is referred to as paying bills through the Internet. The online payment network is protected with the latest security features. Make secure online payments with

How safe is online bill payment?

Online bill payments are considered more secure than paying in person or through the mail. is an excellent platform for making online payments.

How to accept credit card payments online?

Accept credit card payments online without incurring any payee charge with You can also make ACH, wire transfer, and check payments using the platform.

ACH vs Wire Transfer

ACH is a bank-to-bank ePayment network in the US. Wire transfer is the transfer of funds worldwide through a secure network monitored by banks and financial institutions around the world. Make safe and fast ACH or wire transfers with

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