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Can You Print Checks Online?

Jan 9, 2023 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Printing your own business or personal checks online is completely legal in the United States, and no laws prevent you from doing so. However, printed checks must comply with certain guidelines. You are permitted to print your own checks at home if you meet these requirements. Keep reading to know more.

What is Check 21 Act?

On October 28, 2004, the Check Clearing for the Twenty-First Century Act was signed into law in the United States. Its purpose is to facilitate faster check processing at American financial institutions.

Financial institutions can make payments without paper checks by using electronic checks and substitute checks. Checks are changed from paper checks to electronic ones through a process called “truncation.” With the new substitute check, banks don’t have to use as many people to handle the transaction as they do with regular checks.

The Check 21 Act also says what needs to be true in order for replacement checks to be made. Depositing funds is exempt from the requirements of the Check 21 Act. When a check is deposited electronically, the process is called a “remote deposit.”

How to Print Your Own Checks?

It is entirely possible to create and print your own checks from the comfort of your own home. However, before you start printing your own checks, you must first ensure that you meet the required standards as follow:

  • A printer.
  • Check printing software.
  • Blank check paper.


A printer is an external piece of hardware that takes electronic data from a computer or other device and makes a hard copy of it.

The two most commonly used printers are inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet printers spray tiny ink droplets onto paper. Inkjet printers are cheaper, smaller, and can print high-quality photos and text. Cheap inkjet printers will cost you a fortune.

Laser printers melt toner powder onto paper. Laser printers cost more upfront and use more expensive toner cartridges, but they print faster and cost less per page.

Check Printing Software

Designing your own checks can be time-consuming and requires graphic design skills to ensure proper formatting. While you can find check printing templates in Excel, using check printing software will make the work easier. Our platform, – Powered by Zil Money, is one of the best check printing software options available in the market.

Our platform offers a variety of check templates to choose from. Finding the perfect design for your business is not hard, and using our platform, anyone can do it without the help of a graphic designer. You can design your check from scratch or modify an existing template to transform it into your check using simple drag-and-drop operations. Choose a check template, personalize it with your information, and print it.

Blank Check Papers

Using blank check papers is a more effective, simple, and secure method. By switching from pre-printed checks to blank checks, your company or business can save up to 82% on internal processes and paper costs.

Check paper is a special type of paper that can be used to print business checks using an inkjet or laser printer. Check paper is easily inserted into your printer and can print up to three checks per page. It is compatible with most check-writing software. Blank check paper can be personalized with your personal or company information, and many packs include standard business checks, voucher business checks, personal wallet checks, and deposit slips.

    How to Write and Print Checks Online Using

    With, you can write and print checks online instantly and easily. The steps to follow are: 

    • Step 1: Log in to
    • Step 2: Select Check from the Payables section.
    • Step 3: Click on “+new” and enter the necessary details, then click “print.”

    You can print your checks on blank check stock or regular paper using any printer in just a few minutes.

    Is Printing Checks Legal?

    Check printing is completely legal in the United States. If written in accordance with the Uniform Consumer Court Regulations, a check is considered valid tender and must be accepted by banks.

    The set of characters in the bottom left corner of your check is a critical requirement when printing checks. Bank routing, check, and account numbers are required. 

    Printing your own business or personal checks online is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage finances. With our platform, it’s easy to find the perfect check template that meets all legal requirements. Personalize it with your desired elements and easily print your check from home or office using a regular printer. So, why wait? Start printing your checks online using

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