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Jan 14, 2023 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Can you ever recall managing a company? If so, you may be paying your payroll and other financial obligations by check. Because of this, you will require a large number of checks for all your business needs. Ordering checks in bulk is not an efficient way, and it does pose several security issues because of the lack of a safe location to keep this ordered checks. If you are looking for a platform to get unlimited checks; there is a great platform for obtaining checks on- demand. It’s none other than – Powered by Zil Money, a platform that has many benefits. Keep reading to know more about this wonderful platform.

What Is a Check?

A check is a written, dated, and signed document instructing a bank to pay the bearer a certain amount. The person or organization who writes the check is referred to as the “payer” or “drawer,” while the recipient of the check is referred to as the “payee.” On the other side, the bank on which the check is drawn is the drawer.

Types of Checks

  • Certified check:When a check is certified, the bank that wrote it guarantees that there will be enough money in the account of the holder when the check is cashed. A certified check also verifies that the signature on the account is real.
  • Cashier’s check:Cashier’s checks are a safe way to make large payments. A bank or credit union, which has cash on hand, writes the check against its cash.
  • Payroll check:Payroll is the money that an employer owes to their employees for a set amount of time or on a certain date. The check used for the sole purpose of payroll is payroll check.
  • Bounced Checks:A check made for a bigger amount than the available funds in the account cannot be negotiated. This is shown by a “bouncing check.”

    What Is Check 21 Act and How Is It Helpful?

    The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act was put into place in the US on October 28, 2004. Its goal is to help American banks process checks faster and better.

    It lets banks make payments without using the original paper checks. Instead, they can use an electronic check or a substitute check. Through a process called “check truncation,” checks can be changed into electronic ones. Then, financial institutions can use the new substitute check to process it, which reduces the amount of work that has to be done by hand.

    Thanks to the Check 21 Act, banks can now send the front and back of a check, as well as the payment information linked to the bank, that will be cashed, electronically. If either bank needs a hard copy of the check, the images can be used to print a “substitute check.”

    How to Get Unlimited Checks

    It is entirely possible to create and print your own checks from the comfort of your home. However, before you start printing your own checks, you must first ensure that you meet the following standards:

    • A printer.
    • Check printing software.
    • Blank check paper.


      A printer is an external piece of gear that creates a physical copy of electronic data from a computer or other device.

      Inkjet and laser printers are the two most popular printers.

      Inkjet printers spray microscopic ink droplets onto paper. Inkjet printers are less expensive, more compact, and can produce high-quality images and text. 

      Laser printers melt toner granules onto paper. Laser printers are more costly initially and utilize more expensive toner cartridges, but they print more quickly and are less expensive per page. Print unlimited checks using, using any regular printer.

      Check Printing Software

      Creating your own checks takes time and requires graphic design skills to guarantee appropriate formatting. While check printing templates can be found in Excel, employing check printing software will make creating checks simpler. Our platform,, is one of the most effective check printing software solutions available in the market.

      Choose from a variety of check templates available on the platform. Finding the ideal design for your business is simple, and with our platform, anybody can accomplish it without the assistance of a graphic expert. You can create your check from scratch or edit an existing template to create your check using easy drag-and-drop operations. Select a check template, fill it up with your information, and print it. If you’re wondering whether this is the best platform for printing checks, look no further than, where you can print unlimited checks.

      Blank Check Papers

      Using blank check sheets is a more efficient, straightforward, and secure solution. Switching from pre-printed checks to blank checks can save your firm up to 82% on internal operations and paper expenditures.

      Check paper is a kind of paper used to produce business checks using an inkjet or laser printer. You can easily put check paper into your printer, and it can print up to three checks per page. It works with the majority of check-writing applications. You can print your personalized check on blank check without wasting any of your time.

      If your business requires a large number of checks, stop buying pre-printed checks in bulk. This may jeopardize your security and cost you time and money. Why bother with pre-printed checks when you can print unlimited checks online? Our online platform,, can assist you in obtaining checks on demand without wasting any of your time. So, why wait? Sign up for our platform and enjoy all the benefits.

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